About Us

Rustic Gallery Furniture is run by Chris Krenek and Allen Sulak.  Both have years of woodworking experience with an eye for quality.

Chris Krenek

(Co-Owner of Rustic Gallery Furniture)

Chris Krenek is a self-employed wood worker with over 30 years’ experience.  He primarily applied his trade via word of mouth and referrals.  He is very meticulous in his woodworking and takes great pride in it.  He got his start in the business by learning his trade from family members.  The one aspect he likes about woodworking is how every piece of wood has its own story to tell.  He tries to help bring out that story by letting the woods natural beauty show through with his craftsmanship.

Allen Sulak

(Co-Owner of Rustic Gallery Furniture)

Allen Sulak began his woodworking career as a kid.  He started by building dog houses and picnic tables out of used lumber and would sell his finished products to neighbors.  As he got into junior high and then high school, he took metal and wood shop and found that it came naturally to him.  He soon realized that that was what he wanted to do for his career.  At the age of 16 he began working with local furniture repair and restoration companies learning the art of wood finishing.  By 1994 he started his own furniture restoration company restoring antiques and modern furniture alike.  He builds the furniture and also takes special care in the finishing process.