Chairs are important pieces for any room, whether this is the dining room, den, living room, patio or porch; chairs can make a world of difference.  Our chairs are made from real wood with strength, quality and longevity in mind.  Give us a call and let us build you the perfect chair.  Whether a single chair or a set for the dining room, you'll love our finished product!  Click on any of the images below for a larger view.

Pecan Rocking Chair

This pecan rocking chair was a restore that we did for a customer.  The slats were left clear to show the natural wood-grain.  

(Click the image on the left for a larger view)

Pecan Barstool

This barstool set that we created has the seat clear coated to show the natural pecan's grain and texture but, the legs have been painted a high-gloss black.

(Click the image on the right for a larger view)

Cedar Child's Chair

This child'c chair was made from a Cedar Tree.  The tree's trunk was utilized to create this one of a kind piece of furniture.

(Click the image on the left for a larger view)