The creation of any fine piece of furniture begins with the wood.  Not much furniture sold today is built with solid wood.  Most furniture is built with plywood, particle board or veneers.  We use solid wood straight from the tree.  The tree’s wood is run through the saw mill, naturally or kiln dried, and then taken to our shop to be used for a one of a kind piece of furniture.  We take special care to make sure that the natural edge or “live edge” is exposed when the tree is debarked.  We also try to gather all of the information about the tree, where it came from and why it was harvested because every piece of furniture has its own story.  We then build your custom piece of furniture using only the highest quality glues and fasteners.  Each piece has anywhere from 6-8 finish coats that will keep it looking new for years to come.

**Note:  If you have a tree that has fallen, dying, ready for harvest, or even a special slab of wood, we would be happy to build you an heirloom from it.